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It's a New Day in Public Health.

The Florida Department of Health works to protect, promote & improve the health of all people in Florida through integrated state, county & community efforts.

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Environmental Health Program of Jackson County


Onsite Sewage Treatment & Disposal Systems (OSTDS) (Septic Tanks)
Well Program
Biomedical Waste
Swimming Pools and Natural Bathing Places
Mobile Home Parks/RV Parks
Tanning Booths
Food Establishments
Animal Bites

Onsite Sewage Treatment & Disposal Systems (OSTDS) 

1. What is the fee for a new OSTDS (septic tank) permit/application?
  The application, site evaluation and permit fee is $350.00.  See information for permit (51kb doc)

2. What is expected length of time to process my new OSTDS (septic tank) application?
  The permit is usually ready for pick up within 7 working days after application is completed.

3. I need to replace my drain field.  What do I need?
  Repair permit is required for ($300.00).  See information on repair permits (53kb doc)

4. Is my existing OSTDS (septic tank) system large enough to serve the new home I want to put on my property?
  (Link Back to septic tank section)  

5. Will I need an aboveground OSTDS (septic tank)?
  Sites are evaluated on a lot by lot basis and elevation of drain field is determined by the estimated seasonal high water table and depth to impervious soil layer.

Well Program 

1. What is the fee for well permits:
  New Systems: $90.00
  Annual Operating Permit: $90.00

2. What is required for a LUPWS permit?
  a)  A permit application needs to be filled out by the homeowner.
  b)  Site plan showing septic tank and well location on property and neighbors property.
  c)  Legal description.

3. How do I get my water well sampled?
  a)  $70.50 if Environmental Health Department collects sample.
  b)  $20.50 if you collect and bring to Environmental Health Department.  Water samples must be collected in special collection containers available at the Environmental Health Department.  Samples are picked up at our office Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday except holidays.  You must call us to verify collection times and to get specific instructions.  (850) 482-9227

Biomedical Waste 

1. What is the fee for Biomedical Waste Permit?
  The fee for Biomedical Waste Permit is $85.00.

2. How can I properly dispose of my used needles and syringes?
  Link back to Biomedical Waste Section

Swimming Pools & Natural Bathing Places 

1. What lakes in Jackson County are permitted for swimming?
  a)  Florida Caverns State Park - Blue Hole
  b)  Blue Springs Bathing Place
  c)  Blue Springs Baptist Conference Center
2. Which swimming pools are regulated?
  Public pools are regulated by Department of Health.  Examples would include pools at apartment complexes, motels, schools, and camps.  Residential pools are NOT regulated by the Department of Health.
  <25,000 gallons = $125.00 Annual Permit Fee  
 >25,000 gallons = $250.00 Annual Permit Fee

Mobile Home & RV Parks 

1. What is the fee for Mobile Home Parks/RV Parks?
  The fee is $3.50 per space ($100.00 minimum)

Tanning Facilities 

1. Am I required to permit my tanning booths?
  Yes, the fee is $150.00 for the first unit, and $55.00 for each additional unit. Maximum of $315.00

Food Establishments 

1. Where do I report a complaint about a food establishment?
  Call the Environmental Health at the number listed below for information and they will refer you to the proper agency that has establishment jurisdiction.

 (850) 482-9227

Animal Bites 

1. Where do I report an animal bite?
  Contact Environmental Health at :

 (850) 482-9227

(link to Rabies Section)


1. Where do I report a complaint about an environmental health concern?
  Call the Environmental Health at the number listed below with the nature of your complaint and you will be referred to the proper agency.

(850) 482-9227